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Greencraft Building Systems

Greencraft Smarter Building Systems™ has developed ultra high performance, highly energy-efficient building envelope systems that eliminate energy loss through walls and roof systems. 
To build the highest energy efficient building, energy loss through the building envelope must be reduced or eliminated. To achieve the highest energy efficient building envelope, the exterior walls and roof systems must be constructed from materials with the highest thermal mass facing the climate controlled interior of the building, completely insulated from the environment with the greatest amount of closed cell foam insulation, followed by an exterior wall cladding system with the least amount of thermal mass. 

Greencraft Composite Insulated Concrete Forms are used for columns, walls, elevated slabs and roof systems. These forms completely encapsulate the thermal mass of the concrete with no thermal bridging or cavity. Greencraft Smarter Building Systems™ are designed to efficiently integrate various types of wall claddings and roofing systems within the Composite Insulated Concrete Panel assemblies. Conventional brick, thin brick, tile, stone, wood and metal panels, stucco and other finishes as well as liquid applied roof membrane systems are efficiently integrated within Greencraft Smarter Building Systems™.

Greencraft Composite Insulated Concrete Forms patent-pending systems are stronger and lighter while using less concrete than conventional forms. They are designed to withstand all types of natural disaster, such as wind, flood and tornado. Greencraft Composite Insulated Concrete Form systems can be used with Tilt-up and Pre-cast concrete, Cast-In-Place concrete columns, walls, decks and roofing applications. The Greencraft systems can be used to build single or multistory buildings and concrete structures. It can be used in load bearing or Architectural Cladding applications of various types. Buildings constructed using the Greencraft Smarter Building Systems™ eliminate most, if not all, energy losses through the building envelope at a price competitive with conventional construction methods and materials.
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