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With growing public awareness of the importance of energy-efficient sustainable design, Greencraft Design will work with the your AEI design team to incorporate the cost-effective, sustainable and innovative technologies offered by Greencraft Architectural and Finish Systems™, Greencraft Smarter Building Systems™ and Greencraft Concrete Infrastructure systems.

Greencraft Architectural and Finishes Systems allow the user to select any type of desired finish. Sophisticated, finely ground recycled glass is used to create a multitude of options. With exciting new appearance and colors readily available, it is easily applied. Marble or granite aggregates are also available to expand the wide palette of finishes at an affordable price. Exotic stone aggregate finishes of any nature can also be incorporated in the finish product. Traditional brick, thin and simulated brick, wood or stucco finishes also offer the user traditional appearance options.

Greencraft clients know that by using Greencraft systems and products they are using a more environmentally responsible concrete, and helping to reduce CO2 emissions and are using recycled materials that otherwise would be relegated to landfills. Additionally, they are utilizing concrete that is truly high performance, concrete that is denser, less permeable, with greater early and ultimate compressive and flexural strength while using less Portland cement. Greencraft buildings are more durable, resilient, disaster proof, have a longer useful life, and are more blast and damage resistant. The innovative technologies of Greencraft systems and products allows architects and engineers to design improved high performance highly energy efficient structures using Pre-cast concrete, or Cast-In-Place Composite Insulated Concrete Systems.

Greencraft Design is not licensed and does not offer architectural or engineering services. The Greencraft team will help guide each client and project to successfully achieve a growing public demand for an authentic sustainable construction design. Greencraft will provide expert guidance to ensure all Greencraft client's goals for attaining a highly energy efficient and sustainable building construction are met.

From architectural features to single and multi-family residential projects to commercial, institutional and industrial projects, the Greencraft Design team will ensure the full benefits of the energy-efficient and sustainable Greencraft technology, products and solutions are best utilized to meet the needs of our clients.

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