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About Greencraft

Founded in 2006 Greencraft LLC has been researching, testing and developing methods of construction for highly energy efficient and high performance resilient building envelopes since 2007. Since 2010, Greencraft also has been conducting research, development and testing of ternary concrete mixes, curing methods and temperature monitoring, using the latest sensor and microchip technologies with an approach to develop concrete with improved properties cost competitive with conventional construction systems.


Greencraft technology is groundbreaking, innovative and proven and is covered by multiple pending patents.


Greencraft Architectural Finishes and Systems offer infinite options for interior and exterior finishes.

They use post consumer recycled glass incorporated into wall finishes and claddings, thereby preventing it from being relegated to landfills.


Greencraft Smarter Building Systems™ offers solutions for any type of building project.


Greencraft Concrete Infrastructure offers improved solutions to address aging infrastructure. Greencraft Noise Barrier Systems offer improved sound attenuation properties, by both absorbing and deflecting highway noise. Greencraft Precast Road Systems are revolutionizing the construction of the highways by extending the lifecycle and maintenance of the roads.